Property-Base Supertheme UX
information architecture | UX/UI Design | user testing
Designing a combination CRM & CMS website for real estate brokerages, a “super-theme” to simplify client onboarding.
UX Researcher & Designer
Project Lead & Developer
Anthony Adamski
Creative Director
Seb Zapisek
faster onboarding for new customers
A simpler architecture of the basic pages for the websites.


Making a robust architecture I brought the data of previous Property Base work into an updated page, systemized for the everyday brokerage. Utilizing user personas of brokers and their agents I put together a page and action architecture that would enable the right people to manage listings and the interested customers.

An architecture of all the actions needed to be taken in the property search feature.

Property Search

The most complex part of the experience and most time consuming for the development team is the property search feature. Much like other real estate software the listings had to be a seamless integration of the listings and a map search, full of filters and search parameters.

Video prototype of some of the more complex interactions in the property search feature.
Full Wireframe of the Property Listing page


Based on user data, the most used page is the listing details. Because this is so vital it served as the framework for future pages and was our jumping off point when considering grids and content organization. Using stakeholder and client interviews, I established that there were really only two structures that the clients requested, a single column or a 1/4 side column.

Area Profile page layouts
Agent Profile layouts
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