LuvLife Mobile App Design
UX/UI Design | Information Architecture | MVP
Creating an MVP app design for couples looking to improve their relationship
UX/UI Lead Designer
Creative Director
Alex Teodescoro
3 day
design turnaround


The client, Alex Teodescoro had an idea for a product where he wanted to make a product that would ease his lifestyle of monogamous fatherhood, a gamified checks and balances for your relationship.

An ideation exercise of features


The team did a couple of brainstorming exercises to get a better grasp of the MVP, narrowing it down to just a couple features to design for to get a product that would be pitched to investors.

Quick & primitive architecture of the app

Using game loop theory, we designed a system of earning and spending points between partners. Earning Points is the feature we centered on first, with the main goal for users to be of service to partners it is the main page as well.

A simpler architecture of the basic pages for the websites.
A simpler architecture of the basic pages for the websites.

The second half of our "game loop" is the spending of points, simply accessed by hitting their point total button in the top right. These are also custom rewards users apply.


Heres a video prototype of the entire design in action so you can get a better sense of the flow and my work on the interactions.

Video prototype of some of the more complex interactions in the property search feature.
Eyewire DLC Release