Eyewire DLC Release
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Creating a narrative website and marketing materials for expansion content for a citizen science game!
Lead Designer & Developer, Writer
Creative Director
Amy Robinson
increase in monthly users post-launch
A simpler architecture of the basic pages for the websites.


The citizen science game was preparing to add a new set of neurons for players to map. With a solid game loop, it became clear that there was a common theme in games this one was missing: a narrative.

Narrative Website

Working with illustrators and the Creative Director I used my design and narrative skills to improve the storytelling both verbally and visually. Studying children’s picture books structure and translating the back and forth of image and text into a web interface also gave me the realization there is a little flexibility in motion but also the pacing of the story.

How do we tell a friendly and inviting story for future neuroscientist gamers?
the early conception of Mystic Branding

As a DLC it was decided to be approached with a new brand, the Mystic Set, and story allowing players to get excited about the new development. The primary logo was actually designed using the forms of the characters new suit designs. We also developed a poster and social media assets for the DLC and events the company threw to incentivize players.

Event posters had a slightly different use case, but templating them helped illustrators create compositions that were scalable.
The poster I helped design for the release.

Heroes Drive Narrative

During this process I also decided to create a page dedicated to the characters that drive the narrative as there’s no concrete version of this in the game. It was important to give each character a sort of pedestal to highlight traits and motives for players and future writers.

A video overview of the Heroes of Eyewire

UI Upgrades

The Mystic badge is an elite player signifier, Mystics would also have different features and controls and were on the forefront of Neuron Mapping. I contributed to this control design, and consistently iterated on this aspect to bring a more vibrant and fun experience to the game and bringing a more science fiction look to the interface.

Some iterations on the controls for Mystics.
...to bring a more vibrant and fun experience to the game and bringing a more science fiction look to the interface.


This site is completely developed in Webflow. I shifted navigation conventions with a subtle hamburger menu and a more directive footer to give focus on the content, and to further the brand style Eyewire had primed for its future.

Clean visuals and interactions gave the site a more storybook feel.
Check out the full website here:
Pantheon HTML/CSS in VR