Pantheon VR Experience
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The challenge of shifting perspectives on AI by developing an HTML/CSS concept for VR.
Lead Researcher, Designer, Developer
in full, using HTML & CSS
My pitch deck begins stating the problems


I decided to concept an idea of an AI VR assistant,(this was before the Metaverse was introduced). The idea was to help disarm the fears of AI especially in a virtual space in which users feel alien.

Based on the timeline of artificial intelligence’s conception and the many breakthroughs, we’ve noticed the trend that as these steps are broken down the sooner they’ll be implemented. Asimov-like ideas will be the last to fully formulate.

A timeline of AI conception and predicted developments
Strategy matrix for the concept of the AI usage and personality

As we look into the current AI assistants of the time, by mapping them on a matrix based on common usage we could easily establish the strategy of the AI’s focus.

VR Development

When I began to conceive the deliverable, researching VR and its limitations was essential. Making a more personable AI experience meant the experience needed to consider the human element.

The reality continuum, courtesy of Alex Norton
Making a more personable AI experience meant the experience needed to consider the human element.
Google Daydream Reference
Let's face it, this was bound to be inspiration

Using the Google Daydream as the simplest and most accessible VR interface it was a great reference when deciding how to make any interface improvements. Rather than staying on a slight spherical plane, adjusting to panels could utilize more space and use of hierarchy.

Initial framework for the design based on VR UX research
Some iterations of the WF process

I iterated on a number of different layouts to accommodate the different AI use cases, eventually the most applicable were made into a clean and vibrant interface that was replicable and fully functioning in a web browser.

Full demo of the interface, created in HTML and CSS with AFrame
Graphic Design Work