UX Design for SuperTheme,
a customizable website for real estate brokerages



The search for the ideal property
The most complex part of the experience and most time consuming for the development team is the property search feature. Much like other real estate software the listings had to be a seamless integration of the listings and a map search, full of filters and search parameters.
This was an early prototype I made in Principal to explain to my higher ups the value and usability of hover states. The Idea however did get scrapped down the line as more insight drove us to keep all actions present to users (see below).
Property Details Page
Unquestionably the most used page category, the page of the client site that will be the greatest source of information on individual properties for prospective buyers, the kind of page users leave a stack of tabs for each inquiry they plan to make. Because this is so vital it served as the framework for future pages and was our jumping off point when considering grids and content organization.
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Area Profile Page
A major selling point many brokerages leverage is the properties location and the area's benefits. This overview of the neighborhoods, which is client defined and populated is not only a good way for users to jump between options of a location they've set their hearts on, but it adds a great cross-page portal that enhances the information architecture.
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Agent Details Page
Many prospective buyers are also looking for the perfect agent to service their needs. This page gives users insight into the agent's experience and what properties they're currently managing. Not to mention it's the fullest list of contact methods for the agent.
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Style Guide
Being a modular product, the elements that composed the front end needed to be clearly systemized. Here's a full listing of the elements that comprise the pages you've just seen, it also served as a great hand-off resource for the development team.