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Gartner Motion Graphics

Primarily for the Gartner Risk Management & Security Summit 2019, the team loved it so much they decided to use it for their website communications as well.

Product Overview for RSA

Part of the great success of the RSA event for GreatHorn was the video placed on the outer wall. Not only did it drive traffic but it also started an education path for prospective clients. I took a lot of the great content the team wanted to show and putting it on a timeline made many of the communications much more effective such as the statistics and product solutions.

GreatHorn RSA Retrospective

The team at GreatHorn had a great week at RSA this year, as you can see the booth was packed! The impressions and recognition measured in at +40% more than expected leads thanks to the marketing teams great cooperative skills and some of the beautiful work I put in on the swag and environment. Not to mention the product overview video which you can find on the same channel or portfolio page.