Modestman Brewing Co. Packaging
branding | service design | UX/UI Design
Designing the first can release packages for a NH brewery had to be bold & impactful.
Art Director, Lead Designer
Matthew Scott
quarterly sales increase in 2019
Center of Attention: The Flagship IPA


For the first project, Modestman was in need of can packaging to bring their brand to a wider audience with distribution. The main design direction was to be big but subtle with the branding while creating an ecosystem of brands for each flagship IPA.

The first two can release advertisement photography
A full gold package for the grandiosity of 'The Most Beautiful Thing'
Matthew Scott's wonderful photography work
Always design for the context of the product's existence

With names based on classic hip-hop albums it was imperative to continue iconic elements of the visuals, while telling the story of the beer and the ingredients. The origins of the hops and the flavors were emulated by color and composition. be big but subtle with the branding while creating an ecosystem of brands...


A small city of Keene, NH as a home base, there was a necessity for material advertising. Posters were designed to highlight big can releases utilizing the flagship brands to consistently put out the visual identity.

The brewery also utilized multiple televisions with rotating images of cans on sale, some assets which I developed in Dimension, others from the photoshoots of the products.

The poster announcing the event for the release
The Sun Rises in the East uses Vic Secret hops from Australia, which inspired the direction of this package.
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